Twenty three years ago Bob Culver, Jim Eisentrager, and Joe Ruffo, with the help of faculty, including Dan Howard, formed a support group for the School of Art, Art History & Design at UNL. Bob was an alumnus, Jim a professor, and Joe, the chairman of the school.

The group was named MEDICI which is an acronym for "Most Esteemed Donors, Intellects, Colleagues and Individuals." MEDICI was designed to be a friends group that raised money exclusively for the School of Art, Art History & Design. Over the years this group of esteemed donors has raised over $209,000 for the school.


Shelia Burchess

Nancy Childs

Lindsey Clausen

Steven DeLair

Robert Derr

Mike Echternacht

Jo Ann Emerson

Luann Finke

Nancy Heiser

Lisa Holmquist

Andrea Maack

Pam Manske

Tony Merritt

Mark Nelson

Victoria Norton

Ann O'Hara

Connie Pejsar

Phil Perry

Kathy Plunkett

Cleve Reeves

Heather Schmidt

Liz Shea-McCoy

Lynn Spackman

Jane Stricker

Chris Taylor